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Allen Morehouse - Lead Sabbath School Teacher

The Morehouse Classroom

Allen and René’s classroom provides a warm, friendly and sometimes humorous environment that is infamous for occasionally taking deep dives into the teachings of scripture that coincide with the Quarterly lesson.  This classroom also has a large group of assistant teachers (five of them, in fact) that’s bound to help you explore and discover new perspectives of scripture that you might not of previously considered.  Best of all, they tend to conclude their Sabbath School with an inspirational and thought provoking story.

Location & Time:

  • Located at the end of the right hallway
  • Every Saturday @ 9:30 AM
  • Allen Morehouse

Assistant Teachers:

  • Willie Shamabanse
  • Kathie Hess
  • John Minick
  • Sharon Judd

Lead Teacher:

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Welcome to the Morehouse Classroom

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