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Mesa Palms Seventh-day Adventist Church Interim Pastor Ralph Robertson

Pastor Vince Woolsey

Meet Pastor Vince Woolsey

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new pastor and his family!  For those who are curious, Pastor Woolsey was born and raised in the Midwest, transitioning from a career in sales to follow God’s call to Literature Evangelism (Colporteur). It was during that time that God led Vince to pursue a degree in Theology from SWAU.








Mesa Palms Church Secretary: Alice Ray

Mrs. Alice Ray

Alice has been a most wonderful addition to our church, as she is not only a very warm, welcoming and dedicated church secretary, but she’s also a very talented writer and author of many Christian books!  She also occasionally writes up articles and shares them via social media for all to enjoy.

Adult Sabbath School Classrooms

Allen Morehouse (and Assistants)

Located at the end of the right hallway, you will discover Allen Morehouse’s in-depth Bible study classroom.  Allen has a large team (five co-instructors) that help to keep the classroom fun, interesting and Bible-focused, as they study the weekly Quarterly Sabbath School lesson.

Fellowship Hall Classroom

This classroom is taught by Don Jaqua and Randy Brower and is located, as the name suggests, in the Fellowship Hall!  This classroom utilizes an open, circular format and highly encourages all of their members to actively participate in the study of the Bible.

Sanctuary Classroom

In the front, right-side of the church, you will find the Sanctuary Sabbath School classroom.  This class has a variety of teachers and utilizes a more traditional lecture format.  Yet, active discussion is very much encouraged, as they study the weekly Quarterly Sabbath School lesson.

Mesa Palms Church StaffMesa Palms Church Staff

At Mesa Palms, we are very thankful to have such a talented and dedicated group of staff members.  Their efforts and contributions to our church have helped to shape it into the wonderful, God-focused worship experience that it is.

Head Elder: Don Jaqua

Don Jaqua

Head Elder

Don is a very dedicated to the Mesa Palms Church and his guidance and support is very much appreciated.  He leads the church with a gentle hand and a loving heart.

Elder & Teacher: Allen Morehouse

Allen Morehouse

Elder & Teacher

Allen loves to make people laugh and smile, so it’s no big surprise if you find him leaving a trail of chuckles and happiness in his wake.  He’s a very talented and dedicated Sabbath School teacher.

Elder & Teaching Assistant: Willie Shamabanse

Willie Shamabanse

Elder & Teaching Asst.

Willie is both an elder and also an assistant Sabbath School teacher.  He is well-known for his analytical abilities to help his students explore scripture in depth.

Elder: Bob Mitchell

Bob Mitchell


Bob is well-known for his kind and gentle demeanor, and is a wonderful influence to this church!  He also has a fun and playful sense of humor, so considered yourself kindly forewarned.

Head Deacon & Maintenance Superintendent: Robert Higginbotham

Robert Higginbotham

Head Deacon & Maintenance Superintendent

If you hear laughter or giggling, there’s a good chance that Robert is somewhere nearby!  He’s known for creating smiles and his fun sense of humor.

Head Deaconess: Sharon Higginbotham

Sharon Higginbotham

Head Deaconess

Not only is she a wonderful head deaconess, but she’s also our director of communications and operates our weekly church newsletter. If you would like to receive our newsletter, let her know!

Treasurer: Larry Popplewell

Larry Popplewell


Larry is our church treasurer and is highly dedicated to ensuring that everything runs and operates smoothly within our church.  His efforts are greatly appreciated.

Church Clerk: Cherie Gresh

Cherie Gresh


Cherie is a woman you can rely upon, as she is highly dedicated to our church’s vision and goals.  She’s maintains the church records, and would be happy to  handle your membership transfer request!

Music Director & Worship Coordinator: René Morehouse

René Morehouse

Music Director & Worship Coordinator

René is not only our talented music director, but she is truly an artist at heart.  She has creatively directed many of our beloved plays at church.

Music Director & Worship Coordinator: René Morehouse

Carmen Mitchum 

Pathfinder Director and Children’s Ministries co-coordinator

Carmen is a superb choice when it comes to working with children, as she is a highly enthusiastic and creative leader who wants to introduce children to our Lord and Savior.

Meet Our GreetersMeet Our Greeters
Head Greeter: Vivian Lehr
Greeter: Zella Smith

Vivian Lehr, Head Greeter

Zella Smith, Greeter

Vivian is a cheerful type of person that easily brightens up any room that she enters!  We know that she would love to welcome you to Mesa Palms and answer any questions that you might have about the various services we offer.

Zella is quite infamous for being the dedicated lady at the door that wants to give everyone a warm greeting and a big hug!  However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that Zella is also a skilled artist, but shhh, don’t tell her we told you.  

Greeter: Mark Tefft

Mark Tefft, Greeter

Mark might appear to be a bit on the quiet side, but once you get to know him, you’ll soon discover that he’s quite the fun and enjoyable person to talk to!  He’s also a very dedicated greeter that would be happy to answer any questions that you might have in regards to our various services.

Mesa Palms is blessed to have a wonderful team of dedicated, skilled audio and visual personnel.  Their weekly dedication to ensuring that our services run smoothly is much appreciated and respected.

Audio Visual Team for Mesa Palms Seventh-day Adventist ChurchAudio Visual Team for Mesa Palms Seventh-day Adventist Church
Audio Visual Team: Chris Cuevas

Chris Cuevas

Audio Visual Team: Jason Brooks

Jason Brooks

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